How The Placard Was Deciphered

Tim Printy provides a demonstration above of how easy it was to decipher the writing on the placard on the “Roswell slide” using the simple process first initiated by Research Group member Nab Lator. Note that there is no manipulation of the image going on here other than an enhancement of the original – which in this case is the “drum scan” provided by slides promoter Adam Dew on his own website.

And here is a similar demonstration from RSRG member Lance Moody, with audio as he explains the process:

And here is the deblur model created by Nab Lator. To save it and use it yourself, just right click on the image, and then save it as: placard-TEXT1_KERNEL(0.1305).png

Make sure you use that exact name, with the parentheses.



How The Placard Was Deciphered — 3 Comments

  1. Still can’t find an archive image, but here is another good description –

    Don Watson,Park Naturalist, Mesa Verde National Park. January, 1940

    Another excellent mummy in the Mesa Verde Museum is that of a small boy of perhaps two or three. X-rays of the teeth have not been taken so the exact age is uncertain. The body is well mummified, but small patches of skin are missing and the lower part of the right leg has disappeared. The skin has lost all of its former color and is an uninteresting dull gray shade. Part of a small slip-over cotton shirt still hangs around the shoulders. Several pieces of cotton in which the body was wrapped are well preserved. This mummy is not popular with visitors. It has such a negative personality that it has never been named. Even though it is well preserved, it fails to click. The spark is not there; that certain something is missing.

    • Mortem, you’ve provided many interesting pieces of data. Sadly, this page is not always checked as frequently as our mail, so you may try that instead. You’ll fine my address in the press release page. Thanks for your help,

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